Thursday, 17 January 2019

Happiness Ranking

Since we - wife, kid and I were doing a hilly walk somewhere in the Helenental - with plenty of sniw further uphill - we missed out on the run in Eichgraben with 30 participants and heaps of more snow. Cardinal Munk, OVH was kind enough to come up with a short summary after I asked him politely.


In the bowels of Eichgraben.

The 1996th run was set by a former resident of the town of “Oak Ditch”, Oh Sodomia (Yo Yo’s Ma )and her able side kick Q-T-3.14 etc.Yours truly was there to guide  the slow, retarded and lame  through a landscape of snow and slush. Much to the hares surprise, 30 pathetic hashers appeared at the Eichgraben station spoiling  for a beer stop.Unfortunately The chief hare had planned a trail that was the polar opposite to where my residence (Casa Cardinale) lay. Hence no fun and beer  at the Cardinal’s digs.Maybe next time, he laughed  silently. Meanwhile the pack was led through the underbelly of the town tunnelling through the Westbahn and then down my favourite street named" 3 waters”.Crossing the main road of town the pack was led up to the hills and frozen tundra. Up, up they went , feet ankle deep in snow, plodding further into the snow covered fairy land. Of course I didn’t see any of this. Walrus and I were at the tail end of the group where I proceeded to get lost. We caught up by short cutting up cemetery ridge(fictitious name). Then we tagged along the walkers trail until we came home, dead last. A nice long run.
The circle had some significant moments namely the awarding of the Golden Medal Of Merit for reaching 1500 runs ( by cheating) to Lord Glo-Balls alias Johnny “Paycheck” Russell.Oh Sodomia!  (Yo Yo’s Ma) wasn’t awarded a mug for her 50th run and some dick was given a cake with the Puppy's and HRH Ice Queen’s favourite number”69”on it. I didn’t get the significance of it nor did I get a piece of cake.I watched as all the hasher drove away and then I was in the parking lot  , alone again.


Many thanks for this. The Finns deserve much praise - and we certainly have two Finns running with the World's Worst - namely Pocahontits and Horsedick for coming up with the great term KALSARIKÄNNI and a book as means of explanation. This book could have been easily written by a (Finnish) Hasher. Check it out here.

Hash Hound Just Melios searching for that pot of gold 

These two images are copyrighted by the Suomi Foreign Service  

Hail the Finns! 

A truckload full of miracles 

Dinner for one?

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