Sunday, 27 January 2019

For yonks

Yet another Moon walk (once a run for most of us when we all were younger) started from near the Nußdorf Train Station in Viennas 19th district. Set by Kuty PI and Joystick, the 45 minute long track was leading a bit (not much) uphill into an area where backstreets are quiet, not too many public transport vehicle are driving trough, in short, a somewhat posh region, that district. Of course full with Heurigen places (many more up in Grinzing and Neustift am Walde), but also rich with vineyards and forest if you go up further.

Nice uphill trail/walk close to the Heiligenstädter Friedhof and back downhill again along the Beethovengang. The circle with supporting noise by passing freight-trains was held opposite the Nußdorf trainstation and right next to the Schemerlbrücke, designed by the great architect Otto Wagner. On after at a nearby Gasthaus which has been around for a long time.

Officical Moron pics can be perused here.

(These ones were taken by yours truly.)

The Schemerlbrücke

Better drink too much than eat too little 

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