Thursday, 10 January 2019


And so it was on back to another Powderfactory run near Blumau-Neurißhof, venue of runs # 1514 and 1936 (look for those respective Blogposts just like I did I suggest) on Epiphany day. Look here for an explanation of an area with a whole lot of ruins, old tunnels, debris and a merciful forest that covers most of it. Strange to think that more than 20 World's Worst Hashers made their way out to a small carpark somewhere behind the village of Günselsdorf

On the other hand, we know now what to expect from this runs, neatly divided into runners and walkers parts (and even a runners x 2 stretch with some extra creepy crawling). Is it our age or the fact that we'd been told by the Hare Deodorant that there would be a Drinkstop - Glühwein - ready or us - during the run that made the exercise a wee bit less strenuous? The liquid reward came after an extra bit of running after we'd left the ruins and was much welcomed by all, especially Nail Me, Moehair Richard Kopf, OVH and their victim Mr. Pink who hitched a ride, only to arrive late after an 8 Kilometre detour (thanks, dear car Navigation system!).

After the drinks it was back into the old powderfactory area again, this time only for a short twenty minutes until the carpark was reached. Feature of the cirlce, at least for me was that Scarlett Pimpernell (Returnee after one year!) and the Famous Pimpsqueak got married after having lived together for a quarter of a century. Sincere congratulations from all of us at the World's Worst.

Pics will be added when the Moron digit will be removed from the orifice.


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