Sunday, 1 July 2018

Yet another Golden Great

is the annual run chez No Mercy Mistress in the 22nd district, way across the Danube river in the Hirschstetten area. Just Ruben (according to our who is also his mother the only Hasher remaining unnamed in more than 20 years) lay a trail out into the green areas neat the A 23 motorway (yes, this is very possible) and which in one way or another always seemed to touch the Hirschstettner Badeteich. After the experience of many years we all know to come here for a bit of light jogging,  as well as the swimming pool and the Barbecue afterwards.

Since the soccer World Cup is in full swing public viewing was also offered and thankfully taken by LGB, OVH, after all it was an England game on that evening. Many thanks for the hosts ever generous Hospitality.

Badeteich Hirschstetten

After the run, before the swim

Limited pudlic viewing 

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