Sunday, 1 July 2018

Industrious and underway

On Monday June 11th S. Energy decided to host a run in Himberg, a town southeast of Vienna.  I had the pleasure to be the CoHare and after two reccies of the area we came up with a run length of 50 minutes which started right outside the local train station building and, after a short whole of admiring local shops and houses there were vast fields of green all around. And high temperatures, of course. S. Energy clevery improvised by coming up with a shortcut (walkers trail) leading along the local waterway called the Neubach. The bigger part of the pack decided to take the longer way out in the fields and the heat, and after a sharp right turn that was leading along a boundary ridge all were reunited again to tackle the last part of the trail. A well kept gothic church along the way and crossing over the Neubach again with some green spots were the visual highs and, after the circle, the OnIn had been reserved at the Gasthaus Steyrerhof. The pleasant surprise was that after initial service was performed in snails tempo, the hosts were knocking out the menus real fast. Well done and a recommendation for further visits, whenever.

P.S. My apologies to those who arrived on the train and found us gone. The delay in public transport has not been our fault. Since everyone turned up during the course of the run the flour marks must have been clear to follow.

Septic Yank not playing it cheap in the Gasthaus! 

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