Sunday, 26 August 2018

Beaver Creek

is another term in use for the annual run near the Donau-Oder Kanal which is a long way if one comes from the south of Vienna or just around the block if you heading out from this place, for instance. Justin Beaver successfully started this tradition that shines with regular BBQ and THE POSSIBILITY of swimming in the Donau-Oder Kanal, something that I have never seen taking place, mostly because of poor weather.

Bring your swimmers, mates! 

Long and flat running stretches are possible within that neighborhood (and from one year to the next there are plenty newly-built houses to admire), and the outskirts of the Lobau have been visited many a time. Neatly being split into a runners and a wa*kers trail, the run lengh did not exceed the standard of one hour. There is a Tennis club nearby the Hare's domicile, and obviously there have been complaints in the past because of the World's Worst circle noise so there was no choice left but to move the festivities even further away and into the adjacent fields. As always after the end of the circle, fine grilling and drinking until late at the JIB's house.

Pics of this run can be seen here

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