Friday, 30 June 2017


Eurohash minus 7 days. Ok that's enough, no more counting down the days. An interesting venue to run is the Seeschlacht area, which signifies a recreational site a bit outside and northwest of Vienna in the city of Langenzersdorf, location of the former parental home both to Casting Couch as well as Kuty Pi. The Seeschlacht is another lake that offers good swimming, yet in comparison to No Mercy Mistress' Pool (that run comes up in July) or the Figurteich has lots more mosquitos waiting to nibble on sweaty Hashers (after the run and before and after the swim naturally).

Casting Couch, partly assisted by the Great Kuntini has set a long run starting off towards the green and yellowish fields (it is very dry in Vindobona these days) towards the Danube river and that stretch along the main bike path next to the water might have lasted for three kilometres (?). In all case the length of that part of the run was sufficient to separate the 5 or 6 runners, me right amongst them, from the 20 or so walkers. A few sly Checkpoints and direction changes could not fool anyone as to the left these was the mighty river floating by and to the right we had to Motorway A 22 (Donauuferautobahn) which a certain no-no in terms of turning off.

After a longer while and taking an underpass it was on off to - of course railway lines! - and Gottseidank no one fell or got run over by a train (though an angry Engine driver could be heard honking his horn). At the start of the run there were no Hares and Prof.Dr.Dr. Felch, OVH promised that "there would be a beer stop". Needless to say that there was no beer stop - Alternative Facts here! - and running back through a part of Bisamberg and a much longer part of Langenzersdorf took us all back to the carpark. The very first visitor of Eurohash (ha!) came by which was our good friend Herpes, coming all the way from Jakarta.

A circle with cold beer and the swim in the lake - water temperature 26 degrees Celsius already! - and the On After at a nearby Würstelstand. And that were the first 6 months of the year.

Are we all having a good time?


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