Thursday, 8 June 2017

Exactly like you

Eurohash minus 29 days. The excitement is growing as are the number of postings on the socical media outlets that are dealing with this by far the biggest happening in the history of the World's Worst. Lots of distractions going on these days (Heurigen and such) and I feel bad for not having written in, errr, a few days. I take this as a good sign, so I've just cracked open some cool cold stuff from Germany (thanks to generous house guests from Dinkelsbühl, lovely place) and here is the latest gossip de Vindobona. And, of course, a reference to the title of this blog post.

On Monday a week ago I came up with a run in our backyards of Wiener Neudorf, a smallish and industrious city with lots of industry on the southern edge of Vienna. A Short but scenic trail alongside the old part of Wiener Neudorf (yes, we do have some patrches of forest paths left here) was leading underneath and inevitably had to cross back over the Südautobahn into the other half of the, well, older part of town. As we all are growing a bit sluggish and weary it took the slowest of the slowest nearly 50 minutes to come back to the carpark for a trail I needed a bit more of an hour to set. OnIn at our preferred local Heurigen Weinbau Hacker where we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. The owner is a nice guy and the place is a comfortable watering hole that we (Se* Energy, myself and friends) go to regularly.

Your MOM with bad facial hairdo

Me after a Hairtrim on a Hareday

A not so untypical OnAfter at the great Heurigen Hacker in Wiener Neudorf

The present I received for our 30th wedding anniversary. Thanks a LOT for that, my beloved SE :-) 


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