Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Just add Water

Eurohash minus 16 days. The clock is ticking. The various Hares for the weekend runs have been around the place and there is a high chance that we and our visitors will be having a glorious Eurohash weekend with memorable runs.

The rare occasions on which RA Richard Kopf (duly assisted by Nail Me) sets his annual run (and I cannot remember him doing more than one Haring a year) have turned into regular visits to the  Mühlwasser in the 21st district, certainly one of the nicer areas in the Ostrich capital. Se*-o-Phone and family, alumni now living in Ozzieland have set many a trail in that area in the past. Running along the water and through lots of green and forest are reminders - at least for me  - on how the Danube river must have looked like before its regulation in the late 19th century. A run feature certainly was a welcomed beerstop (with cold beer!). This was followed by a few muddy patches and then nearly back to the carpark outside the Strandbad Stadlau. No Balls Prize, always at hand with the Gang Bang Bus when the Hash seems to have spacious desires reversed his van in the midst of a public bike path to get the cold beer as close to the Hash circle as Swedes could humanly do. Hardly any mosquitos, must be too warm even for them.

The Mühlwasser area in Vindobonas 21st district, all within Viennas city limits

I have to admit that Richard Kopfs once-in-a-year runs are getting better somewhat, must be mainly due to Nail Me being the decisive influence ;-) We want more of that. (2 runs of these two Hares in 2018!)


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  1. Great to see the Mühlwasser in the 21st district being used as a Hashing destination again! OnOn Se*-O-Phone