Tuesday, 4 April 2017

No big mysteries

Eurohash minus 94 days. Spring has arrived in full splendour and it certainly is most lovely to be able to wear shorts and shades again. The Eastermarkets in the city centre have opened up their stalls again (allowing one for the occasional dwink) and last Sundays run was O Sodomia's out in Eichgraben, somewhere west of Vindobona.

Following a road called the Dreiwasserstraße there was a tiny car park literally just coming out of a raulway underpass and a few of us squeezed their automobiles next to one another, well I confess, I wanted to block at least two spaces with our Hashmobile when Slush Puppie asked me kindly to park the car "orschlings" (look that term up if you can find it) so others could park next to us.

I assume that the Hare lives out there somewhere, given that she really seemed to know what she was doing directionwise ;-)  One was pleasanltly surprised to run along a coherent trail where  the general direction was a steady one uphill (and, of course, back downhill again towards the end). With the usual suspects Tonto, Justin Beaver, Pussy Schumi, Tickpleaser, Free Willie and FRBimbo Casting Couch there was no chance to shine as a Front Runner (no competition here), the thing I really enjoyed was the pleasant forest area, even with the adjacent motorway A1. With the first line and the double line after checkpoints often being several hundred metres apart (no kidding here) there was nothing left but to run and earn the beer after the run. Talking about which, the way back to the cars was leading through the short railway underpass again when THUMP a sound of bad car parking  could be heard.

THUMP at the end of the tunnel

What had happened? MOM, as well as a few others wanted to park his vehicle nearer to all the other ones, yet when he easily found a place to park he obviously missed the sight of Joysticks mobile behind his own one and the result was THUMP and the noise was much louder than the scratch that this minor collision caused.   And yes, there were some snivelers who whined about the ticks they brought home after the event.

Reconnaisance of trails for the Eurohash is underway, as I could tell from a special Down Down that had been awared to all those we were out in the fields already. The route that our group of four had reccied the day before the run looks promising, more about that in one of the next postings.


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