Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Eurohash minus 86 days. Last week saw the aforementioned Steiermarkdorf at the Rathausplatz in Vienna city centre and as usual, loyal followers of this event were met and a few of them pictured for posterity.  Outside conditions were wet and a little windy. A real "Herzenssteirer" cannot but neglect the bad weather (for there is only the wrong clothing) and fill his heart again with joy, year after year.

A local cardinal im Zirbenbett (look that term up)

Warmup Workout while wanting White Wine

 A local tradition are the Ratschen.(Easter ratchets). One such "Ratschenbauer" always makes his way up the capital of Ostrichland to dipslay his artful products (as seen below). 

The Ratschenbauer

Meanwhile there was a smallish Food Festival festuring Lower Austrian Products taking place not too far from the Steiermarkdorf. Does that sign look like they were encouraging their visitors to become waste divers?

 A nearby "Genussfest", hopefully not straight out from the Garbage Container

Eventually, our local Cardinal had to spend a few days in hospital to get treatment for, well, whatever. To speed up his recovery, a well known nurse swung by and he was given an injection with what looks like pure love to me.

He has to admit it's getting better!

Where is the Hash Context? Due to miserable weather the TGIF crowd whimped out from their original intention to sample some great white wine from Styria and convened (presumably whining) at a nearby Irish Pub on Friday evening.

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