Saturday, 15 April 2017

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Eurohash minus 83 days. Bringing back the World's Worst to lovely Siegenfeld after quite some years was a fine task by the Hares Casting Couch and 2Bob and they are herewith given credit by me and all those who love rolling hills, vast forests and the feeling that a nations capital is still a mere 30 kilometres away.

Due to very fair weather parking outside the main place, parking near the Gasthaus Skilitz (starting point) was very hard to find (tho they extended their car parking space by 300 percent since we were there last time) and so Se* Energy and I were late, just a little, and had to do a live start together with the agreeable crowd of more than 30. The trail quickly split into a runners and a walkers part, leading past a remarkable assembly of houses in a tiny place called Rosental. One of the local houses had lots of artsy looking statutes decoratively places in the garden, and when the sluggish Moron brothers will have uploaded the pics from this run we all can peruse a little exhibition.

Example 1

Example 2

Ice Queen was lamenting that she could not pic up enough wood garlic (Lieber hunger ich mit Leerbauch, als ich ess' etwas mit Bärlauch) and Hare Casting Couch asked if I was carrying my telephone with me ( I did) for she was concerned that the walking group got lost. Second Hare 2Bob already left to look for them at the trail's tail end when a call to another Harriette (Se* Energy in fact) revealed that the walkers must have been MUCH FASTER than the rest and were ahead of ze runners.

In the end it was on back to the carpark and the usual circle proceedings. Towards the end of the circle  Chucker F*cker started to whine that JustAnn had been running with our chapter for a year now and she still was not bestowed a Hash Name (SO? The time is right when the time is right!) and in a move that surprised us all he bent his knee and proposed to JustAnn ("So here is to Mrs. F*cker!).


On After at the nearby Gasthaus where they waiters seemed to have already had a stressful day ("So you made a reservation in the garden? Tough, you see that all of our 6 tables in the garden that would easily hold 150 are taken. Go inside"!)

We as a mini group of four grabbed the one empty table at hand and within half an hour most Hashers were sitting outside after their lunchtime guests had left. There is plenty of room to improve here, dear Gasthaus staff! Memories from past visits are certainly fond.

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