Monday, 15 October 2012

When the moment is right

June 25. This years date to come back, albeit once a year, to Wiener Neudorf. By breaking the tradition we did not start at the old faithful Figurteich like we always do but rather moved down the road a couple hundred metres to the carpark of the Kahrteich with adjacent Restaurant Oase. All my beloved wifes idea of course. Maybe it is some kind of a deeper truth that guys principally hold onto an idea for a looong while while those beloved females are more spontaneous and - volatile, maybe. But that's just my personal little theory.

Well, the change of the start showed in full glory that there ARE poeple who do NOT read the Hashschedule but much rather rely on something like :"Oh, it's these guys setting their run again so I know that run will start automatically at point X!"! Our own superhero MOM was the one that got completely lost and was seen strolling aimlessly down that secret road in Guntramsdorf where the larger part of the KUNT family is residing. But I digress.

Down the old Old Plank Road

The goal this time was to find out a slightly different route thru Wiener Neudorf. so the route was along the infamous B 17 (Triester Straße) for a showt while and then down along the Mödlingbach and the old part of Wiener Neudorf. After a loop on over a bridge surpassing the A2 it was on back across the backgardens and, eventually back to the cars along a long straight path in that Industrial partk where we once hold that Saint Valentine's run that all the partakers loved so much. Short circle and On After at the restaurant Oase.

See no evil, drink no evil?
On Out.

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