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The Beauty and the East - "I can't complain "

"after all i have organised this". Said one of the - organisers. :-) But let's just first start with some weird Elvis facts.

1. Elvis was a black belt in karate. He took up martial arts under the shotokan sensei Jürgen Seydal, while fulfilling his military duties in Germany in 1958. He was awarded his black belt before he returned to the United States, in 1960, by the chito-ryu instructor Hank Slemansky. Elvis’s love of martial arts continued throughout his life. His favourite form of fighting became American Kenpo.

a) Despite running with the World's Worst Hash (yes, some things seemingly never change) for nearly 20 years, I learned that in 1992 there was already a first weekend in Senec which must have prompted Richard Kopf (no, I won't call him XX!) to join the VH3 two weeks after that event. Our erudite Masthead decided in due course that it was time to revisit that location more than two decades later.  Elvis was the theme and I counted no less than 7 different Elvis impersonations, a Karaoke contest was about to follow on the Saturday evening.

Hunka, Hunka Burnin' Love

Arriving with the family on Friday early afternoon after a slighlty chaotic drive thru Bratislava (sloppy D-Erections!) the first way after dropping off our luggage in the hotel room was the pub next year that loosely translated to "Zur weißen Maus", meeting up with those who already got there a little earlier (MOM, Lik'mmm, Weens Schnitzel etc.) and enjoying good and inexpensive beer from the East.

2. On 21 December 1970, Presley met President Nixon at the White House. Presley had initiated the meeting with a six-page letter to the President, in which he had spelt out his desire to be made a “Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. During his meeting with Nixon, Presley denounced The Beatles as being ‘un-American’ for their open drug-taking and anti-Vietnam politics. For his part, Nixon reminded Presley of his need to “retain credibility”. Nevertheless, he is said to have given Presley a ‘Special Agent’ badge.

One after the other all 69 (!) partakers of the event arrived, Fallen Angel succesfully tried out her waveboard on the nearby skating area and by 7 p.m. dinner was about to start, of course supported by Slovak beer on tap.  The suqsequent pub crawl happened without us, yet I heard from a small group that went astray (Rowed Runner, Hitman, Cardinal Munk (OVH)) from some serious drinking.

If you make your first eleven...

The next morning featured a bus ride to a castle called Cerveny Kamen (Bibersburg), easily 20 kilometers away from Senec. Initiation was given in form of Borovicka Schnaps shots, the "stuff that made St.Norman drunk at Senec more often than anything else". Point A on one of Free Willies infmaous main runs on these weekend events.
To give that gent minor credit, he was only responsible for the first half of the runners trail, with Fyling Dutchman being the Main Hare for the second part of that runners trail. (POINT OF CORRETION HERE: Free Willie pointed out that it was rather Mind the Gaps turn for the seconc half of the runners tral, with Fliying Dutchman acting as sidekick.) A walkers trail was being offered too by St.Norman , with the addition of a "walkers plus" trail neatly set by No Balls Prize after an extended drink stop somewhere deep in the woods. 

3. Elvis’s first radio play was on Memphis station WHBQ, on the Red, Hot and Blue Right”, Show, in 1954. DJ Dewey Phillips played “That’s All and, a week later Sun Records had received 6,000 advance orders for the single “That’s All Right”/ “Blue Moon of Kentucky”.

Point B at the end of the run/walk was a Gasthaus, hidden away somewhere in the forest with more beer on tap. Everyone was in for a treat in due course when Goulash with lots of garlic was served so everyone could happily stuff their faces. The highlight of a long circle with different RA's handing out drinks to each and all was the Hash engagement of GrandMeister Multiple Entry with Feel My Meat from Moscow, with a wedding date due sometines later this year.

Multiple Entry won the Elvis Karaoke via Appplaud-O-Meter (personally I thought that Septic Yank was doing an ever greater job) with the 6 others all finishing 2nd.

The same time that the Hash function was on downstairs on Saturday night there was a local wedding fest happening in the main room, intially quiet. Later in the night, back in our room I had problems to distiniguish which party group was about to rip the hotel to pieces, the loudness level at 4:30 a.m. was by all means impressive.

4. The King’s entourage were known collectively as the Memphis Mafia. All members of the Memphis Mafia sported diamond and gold rings, given to them by Elvis, on which a thunderbolt and the letters TCB had been imprinted. TCB stood for “Take Care of Business”.

A mild hangover walk into the town of Senec and by loop bacl to the hotel concluded a sunny weekend event with lots of good strong local beer. Thank you is to all the orgnaisers Hares and all who made it to Senec.

More to come.

He likes to watch

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