Sunday, 14 October 2012

Zig-Zag our way

And then on June the 18th  it was time for that annual sensation somewhere in the 22nd district at No Mercy Mistress's Sauna and Swimming pool, cleverly disguised with and preceded by a more or less shortish Hash run, this time  duly assisted by Marathon Man and family.

Waiting Room Only
As the Marathon family has recently moved in the near neighbourhood it seemed to be natural to incorporate a beer stop at their new home. All said and done, some 40 minutes into running on a hot day, the beer stop garden was merrily reached and duly enjoyed. Finding the right trail after the beer stop proved to be a minor problem as the marks were not clearly visible at first. But that may have been the influence of the liquids consumed right before.

Three Gentlemen
The way back to the OnIn was mostly straight all the way back, giving us all a well deserved chance to enjoy the flat surrounding scenery that Hirschstetten is well known for. Before the circle even started the usual suspects took to the sauna and afterwards for a lenghty swim. Down Downs at the circle were prominently awarded by (ab)using a comfortbale garden chair the belonged to our host. More swimming and a barbeque afterwards.

On In

On Out.

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