Sunday, 14 October 2012

Even it up

After a short holiday break in May it was back to business up at the romantic scenery of the Krapfenwaldbad that is located somewhere in Vienna'S 19th district on June the 11th. They say that the prettiest girls drop by there in the summer. Well, up to you to find out if that is more than just a rumour.

Two real flowers
Due to some traffic related problem I reached the car park half an hour late with everybody long gone. Really wanting to wotk for my circle beers I decided to take a chance and see if I could catch up. On my way out I briefly met Glory Daze and Lopsided Backside who were late as well and decided to go for a short walk.  Catching up with the pack seemed to be no big as after half an hour into casual jogging I caught up near the Cobenzl.

No thanks!
Multiple "I belong to live on Vienna" was here as well as Sinex and The Bag and Merry Marugoto, all on their way back from a weekend chez our good friends from the Zagreb Hash. What seems to be a large part of that forest has been covered it was back into the car park. Circle was being held a little further uphill near the grill area. A neat little goddie style down down routine from Zagreb was once performed, only never to be seen again in subsequent circles.

The Hares of a Dog

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