Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Small Theme

Back to the more charming parts of old Vienna (not necessarily the houses of ill repute that Multiple Entry seems to care for once a year with his red/blue Dress runs) but rather to the confines of the Lobau. Starting off from the Lobau National Park carpark and again into the width of that mosquipo infested place (in summers only) which is a safe haven for nudist swimmers (Q&A with a local Hasher of British origin "So I took wife and kids out for a walk and suddenly there were all these naked people around" "Well, didn't you know?" "Of course not! Are they not supposed to put up signs here?" "Well not really, because it is well known that nudist bathing is encouraged in the Lobau".) But I digress, really.

Bridge that Gap

Setting off from the carpark and straight into that vast and seemingly endless forestland always leads to complete confusion, it is hard at least for me to understand how people can find their way in here without a detailed map. Crossing over that long wooden bridge that once in a different Hasher's life saw the late Raging Bull (small dog) succesfully chase away an Alsation Dog in defence of a Hash Cooler full with Beer.  Since all and every part of the scenery looked green to me in all respect there is not a lot that one can add apart from the fact maybe that the regarded Hare Flying Dutchman produced a light cockup once when a part of the trail led into Nirvana and a false was the right trail and )($/%&;$(??? did everyone arrive back safe and sound at the carpark. In the absence of Cardinal Munk (OVH) it was left to Richard Kopf to have some religious advice spendiert. Standouts of the evening certainly were Whoppa and Pocahontits with celebarting their 30th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations!

You can't have one without the other

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