Thursday, 3 May 2012


Even though it is mostly the same old story, it is always a pleasure to come back to that special place up in the Wienerwald. The owner of the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt loves us dearly (and our cash even more), the weather was perfect and views from the hills were plenty. I have to admit that I underestimated the number of runners that would make it on that day. I told our friend from the Gasthaus we'd expect around 20 people for the dinner after the run. Come runtime there were 41 good souls present and the content of those 4 magnum bottles of Sekt which were prepared for the drinkstop up the hill disappeared quickly. A special feature were - like in 2007 - the Vienna Pipes who could be heard palying from way ahead already. When they gatecrashed the circle after the run, supported by fireworkd and a huge Hashcake the party took off. Pleasant and long dinner at the Gasthaus afterwards. A few Pics to follow when the bulk will have been uploaded. Thanks to everyone for participating ahd helping to organize in any which way.


  1. Hello! I'm Male-Man, from the Oregon H3 (Portland, Oregon, USA) and I will be visiting Vienna next week. I will be in Salzburg, and will drive to Vienna on Monday, May 21, in time for your hash.

    I wondered if any Vienna hasher might be able to provide me with crash space (a couch or anything will do) for Monday and Tuesday nights. I will tour Vienna on Tuesday, and head back to Salzburg on Wednesday morning. Also, if any hashers are available Tuesday and want to show me around, or meet in the evening for a beer and a bite, that would rock!

    Of course, I hope to buy a Vienna H3 T-shirt while I'm there as well.

    I look forward to meeting you, and hashing with you!

    (please forward this to your group -- thanks!)

    Male-Man (aka Dave)

  2. Oh, and my email is

    Oregon H3