Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Face it

So there is always a chance to convince yourself that you (the local Hashers that is) are living in a nicely sized capital with agreeable surroundings, amongst them the entire area around the Bisamberg. The Blessed Saint Norman (OVH), being helped by the delectable Rowed Runner,  always manages to set good runs around that part of town and heck yes, the nearby Gasthaus Weinbeisser has half priced food on Monday nites. That requires a punctual start which as a consequence makes you run faster if you happen to arrive late on the spot, like I did.

Alive and kicking

My Sisters Glowing Magistra arrived at the same time, only on public transport and it sure took a little while until the not so fast runners came in sight. Lots of uphill - though not all the way up to the former Sender am Bisamberg - and a very long way back to the carpark rounded this very nice piece of exercise up. Late latecummer Primadonna caught up with me during the last couple of kilometres and when did I last win a Hashrun? Shame that that Gasthaus at the Senderstraße that we always abuse as a beer/winestop was closed this time.

Listen to what the man says

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