Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Other Shore of this Shore

Give all the organsizers credit in plenty. I mean, everyone says that most of times. Yet, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary celebration weekend down in charming Burgenland in the village of Mörbisch nearly everything went by smoothly and relaxed. I am of course not referring to a few blokes who awaited the last minute beer delivery from the Gols Brewery in panic - tasty beer, by the way.

Masthead Meeting

I am also not talking about the big Bike Marathon that went all the way around the Neusiedler See which - together with a few road deviations - could have caused nice delays in Hashers arriving on the Friday and departing on the Sunday.
Due to the most lovely surrounding you can possibly imagine and the weathergods smiling on us - THANKS RA, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE! - the weekend started off in perfect setting which was a short Warmup run though the village, thereby succesfully avoiding the bikers.
Short circe in the hotel garden afterwards and then after dinner it was off to enjoy the Just Gang Bang (Copyright My Pint of View) or the Hash Bang (Copyright your Grandmeister). The lads are getting tighter . of course just musically speaking . and the Drummer in Sailor garb took the cake. with the band consistign of Just Chuck Lead Guitar and Vocals, Just Ken on Rhythm Guitar, Septic Yank on Bass (Please slap it!) and No Balls Prize on Drums.

You must remember this!

Next day, new luck. Having heard that the Hares for the Saturday run  - no, I shall not mention Free Willie's name yet again - spent  FIVE HOURS to set the runners part I and quite many other, upon the behest of both Lord Glo-Balls and The Blessed Saint Norman, both OVH, automatically took to the other choice which was a walk/stroll through the village ad partly alongside the lake. Then it was on off into Hungary and a mere 90 minutes later in total we all arrived happily in Fertörakos, aiming straight for a large beergarden. Order were quickly placed and the merry feeling sustained well until after the arrival of the runners much later. Of course there were a few wannabees present (Richard Kopf! et al)who referred to themselves as the "advanced runners" (yuck!) and who successfully avoided the toy train ride down to the seaside, all Hungary of course.

Slow Water

The ride back on the ship - chartered especially for this drinking club, well done! - was a pleasant one and especially garnished by Goulash mit Nockerln in plenty. After the arrival back in Mörnisch and a (fake?) checking of passports it was on up all the way to the Weindenkmal with coldish beer waiting and a merciless circle in the sun. RA duties were well performed by your very own RA Cardinal Munk, thr old faithful Sparerib (Cannon Fodder?) and all the visiting RA's from other Hashes (Copenhagen, Zagreb etc.) I pray you to bear with me if I can't recall everyone's names. You all did a fine job for sure. After the circle (with no namings!) it was on back to the hotel for supper and the band for the evening (I heard they also performed in Payerbach last year) who did quite fine a job (in retrospective I' prefer the "Hash Bang" but that's just my two Eurocents).

Ever open door

Sunday morning then, with another breakfast, run destructions, daughter, me, Grand Meister and another Hash Family with baby daughter Chloe taking off to far and away route via Rust and Sankt Margarethen all the way and again across the Hungarian border where that Pan European Picnic took place in August of 1989 which led to the opening of the Iron Curtain and all the rest is History, More cold beers were unloaded and prepared for the crowd. Dare I say it took them awhile to finish those 5 or 6 kilometres uphill yet the circle was another long one and eventually being ended by transporting the lot bacl to Mörnisch with more toy trains. God knows where all the visitors came from, I recognised Likk'm, Spareib, Sinex and the Bag, Chief Ironhat and Sir John, Loping Scrotum, of course Overdrive and Cleopatra, our special acquaintance Fully Distilled from the Brats and here's to all those other ones who made the effort to experience the Vindobonian interpretation of a Hash weekend.
Again, thanks to all who made this happen.

On Out.   

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