Thursday, 9 April 2020


So there are no more Hash runs for the time being, maybe for several months even. At least one Vindobona Hasher was hospitalised due to the virus, and I herewith extend my best wishes to that Hasher for a speedy and complete recovery. After a few weeks of lockdown it has been announced that shops will partially reopen from Tuesday after Easter onwards. Now where IS place for Hashing in all this? Several quarantine Hash subchapters have been started (obviously with very small packs, no stats and no Hash Cash) and you can trawl the official VH3 Hash photo site for visual proof.

In the interim, here are some more of my pics from recent excursions. Stay tuned and, above all, stay safe and healthy!

Hash picnic with Wine and cheese with S. Energy

I swear I did not leave that can there 

Now here is a real cliché!

Hash drinks in my garden shed waiting to be put to good use again 

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