Sunday, 1 March 2020

Like the supper, it is cooking in your hometown

The old faithful run starting off from Arenbergpark in Viennas 3rd district has happened many times before andwas most of the time succeeded by great On After at the Hare's home, with steaming pots of Chili and plenty of booze. Going even further back into local Hash History, there were legendary Cinco de Mayo parties, in alternating places (Beanmans place and the former Squeeze Box Mama residence). Runners trail Hare of the day was Vice GM Walrus who came up with a few nice stretches along the trail.

Not the average Vindobona Hasher 

City Wilderness 

Chalk marks were made (though they were not always clearly visible) and, leaving aside the city scenery for a short while, the Stadtwildnis, a stretch of green, bushes, small trees and many deserted dog houses could be admired before we reached the back of the Marxer Halle, a building plot where a new concert hall that fits 20.000 is going to be built over the next few years.

Drop your droppings 

Let's roll another one?

The shorter way back to the start alongside the Rennweg was unspectacular, yet that CBD dispenser looked promising. On a real windy winters day and in the absence of those who went to the Zagreb
H3 winter event and the others who went to partake in another Brno Hash extravaganza, there were still 20 Hashers there to witness the presentation of a gift that King Ralph received from his parents in law, which was a Wodkafilled Kalashnikov gun (made of plastic of course).  

Hand and cup up, stranger! 

After the circle, it was on for a tasty pot of Chili and loads more to drink. Well done.

Here are the Moron pics, provided by Horsedick, the latest in a series of local Morons.

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