Sunday, 18 March 2018

Something beautiful

Cycle of life (and death) and annual events continues endlessly (if one believes in resurrection and Hash runs on the other side).  The Ski Week Solidarity Hash just saw its 18th edition, this time starting again from Karlsplatz and the aim was the celebrate World Pi Day in style. The great Stephen Hawking passed away on this day (RIP), it was Albert Einsteins birthday (and Mooseheads of course, look here for a more extensive list) and my Cohare the Cardinal brought along a piece of paper with the intented destructions leading through the nicer part of Viennas first district (which Slush Puppie wisely commented like "Thank God, otherwise we would have had to run across the Naschmarkt area again").

To put run events in a nutshell, I will gladly steal Lopsided Backside's comment about the run as following:

"Best run of the year (ALMOST.....just missed the schnapps round).  There was men's fun underwear, women's lingerie, flamingos, Santa Claus, a chicken, some virtual skiing and of course......Beer.  
But BUT! even more spectacular....there was pie and a Pi recital. "

Bear in mind that the Easter Markets in the center of town are open again, we passed by the one at Am Hof and there sure was a PI recital done by the Harald Juhnke Memorial Chicken in front of the PI Wall in the Karlsplatz underpass (of course without looking at the 478 numbers!). Run ended at Schwarzenbergplatz, where Slush Puppie, Beermeister of the Day, provided lovely Stiegl Beer for the circle. On After at Gasthaus Herlitschka. And Ski Week Solidarity Hash Virgin was Saint Norman, OVH.

Praise the Number of Pi! 

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