Saturday, 26 August 2017

Setting the tone

And on the Friday of Eurohash week all the Hares (including Slush Puppie, Cardinal "The Sweeper" Munk, OVH and myself) went out to set those respective trails in the Areas of Semmering, Hainburg, the Lobau, Gablitz and eventually south of Vienna, the Baden Area (though no run actually was leading through that town).

Our glorious run number eight (aptly titled as "Easy Does It") was leading from Pfaffstätten to Mödling, all the way through the extensive vineyards and lots of forest area. Another hot summer day (and we had and still have plenty of them!) ensured that we would lose the occasional kilogram to make space for the loads of Ottakringer Beer over the weekend,

Curiosity forced me over to pick up my goodie bag and to see and hear the Apples Band play again after a long time, as they performedon our weekend events in 2002 (1000th run in Langschlag, Lower Austria) and 2003 (No Sarz on Marz, Burgenland).

In the evening it was time fir the event to be officially opened and I was impressed by the sheer size of the venue (Ankerbrot Expedit Hall in Viennas 10th district) where beer and wine were flowing in abundance. I liked the Ottakringer Pils Beer. What was a bit less impressive was (as has been discussed on that social Media platfomr) that the (delicious) food was served from one end of the hall only which inevitably cause massive waiting lines. Yet, on the other hand, former member of the Worlds Worst Saw Hua who now resides in Malaysia chatted me up all the half an hour way to the food stall, a pleasure I could not too often enjoy while she ran still with us here in Vienna. After dinner of course there was the much anticipated Song Contest (how could I forget that?). 5 Hash Chapters participated and the Sembach H3 were the glorious winners with their following contribution. Magnificent indeed, as all the other contributions.

Not wanting to be affected by excessive drinking, I took off in time to be ready for those Saturday festivities. To be continued with run reports ASAP.


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