Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Picking it up

I am admitting that the summer break took a little longer than I had planned and, amongst udder things, included an act of definite self-destruction as a best man at a friends wedding in form of countless beers and their infamous companions , those creepy Gin-Tonics until the wee hours. Happened to the best of us I know and kept me sober afterwards for more than a week.  Meaning that I won't do it again, until the next time of course. Here is some topic-related literature that is worth reading, also in book-form. 

Eurohash came and went. My own impression was that the whole event was impressive. Read a very interesting review here. From what I could read at respective group on that social media platform, opinions of our regarded visitors were mostly and overall very positive. I hasten to add that I have not been part of the organizing comittee but acted as one of the Hares on Run # 8, out there a little bit south of Vienna running A to B from Pfaffstätten (they sure grow lovely wines and are a village of a renowned Winefest every year in August) to Mödling, Goldene Stiege.

More of that later.

My Eurohash experience started off at Karlsplatz at the start point for the Red Dress run and when I walked over to the place after work one could see that lovely red colour shining joyfully, impressing a few very attentive law enforcement servants who drove their mobiles very close nearby, although everything had been orderly registered by Ralph, the King (aka King Ralph).

The aim (KR's aim) was to send the participants off in groups of 50 so that the Gösser Beerinsel at the lower end of the Prater Hauptallee could be reached by all casually in time for dinner. Yet and obviously the cool Ottakringer Beer fired the runners up so in less than half an hour all those who wanted to run took off. Naturally much later came a few lost souls along, wearing all red, asking the whereabouts of start and trail. I never really found out what happened to them. My evering concluded in the Schweizerhaus, accompanied by Likk'mm, My Pint of View, Äugele from a German Hash Chapter somewhere in the Pfalz and the old faithful Cardinal Munk, OVH.

I see red!

Pic taken by Mícheál Ó Caoinleáin before the Red Dress run ‎

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