Thursday, 24 December 2015


For the annual best Christmas run in 2015 it was On On to Mödling Train Station carpark, an old but not so often used favourite. Somehow the directions to the carpark were leading to one place and those for the public transport users to another which happened to mislead a special few (Sorry Mr. Pink!).

Se* Energy who developed into the principle force during setting this run and yours truly tried to come up with some yet uncovered terrain, namely crossing through the Museumspark in Mödling, place of a glorious Winefest every year in Summer, and after being forced to wait at closed traintrack bareers looping around most of Sankt Gabriel cloister and eventually a maze-like trail trough the better park of the settlement of bungalows in Südstadt. The first drinkstop follow soon thereafter at our local Billa Supermarket where the vendor of our annual Christmas tree welcomed all with a pot of way too much sugared tea with some spice (Schnaps).

Holiday Returnees of the day were Sheila showitall and Gawd Almighty Cute with their two kids. The two firstmentioned ran with the VH3 from 1996 - 1999 and after a 30 hour flight apparently  they first dumped their luggage in a hotel room and secondly came straight to the run.

The second drinkstop at a Christmas Market at Mödlings Waisenhauskirche featured some real Glühwein and this is where I saw Mr. Pnk catching up. The way back to the carpark led through the train station underpass. A special treat during the circle was some home made Christmas Cake courtesy of Casting Couch and TwoBob and a huge packet of Schwedenbomben which disappaered within 3 minutes.

Suitable for a Christmas run writeup I would like to wish all of you out there a Perry Sherry Christmas, especially the VH3 alumni all over the world; be they in Tennessee or elsewhere in the USA, Canada, Australia and Tasmania, England, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere. None of you are forgotten.

Happy Holidays all, listen to this great Song by Klark Kent

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