Wednesday, 23 December 2015


On a frigging cold afternoon the meeting place was set right next to M;y PInt of Views living room which ist the Auer Welsbach Park in the 15th district. Anita Hanjob and Eg Al themed that run with "Conchita Wurst" (Who?) and MOM, truest of all impersonators showed up with an impressive presentation that would have been worth all Eurovision Song Contests Past and Present. Trail had been set with couloured chalk and very quickly I found myself running together with MPOV, The Blessed Saint Normen and Deodorant when we more or less unsuccesfully tried to follow what as a long loop all around the Schönbrunner Schlosspark.

Well ...

After somehow getting up to the top of Maxingstraße somehow it was On On to a Stop without Drinks (at least everyone stood and waited for something that never happened or materialized) and further on into the Schlosspark via the upper end of Schönbrunn Zoo and past the Gloriette. On Back into the Park and onto a freezing cold circle.

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