Thursday, 24 December 2015

Mood for a Day

And what a day that was, the second advents Sunday, with the run being Hared by Squeeze Box Mama and just Michael (?) starting off from the Arenbergpark in the 3rd district. A few hungover faces I could make out at the start and HANG ON I thought that Likk'mmm was supposed to be somewhere in Switzerland?

During the course of a casual and relaxed run where Ice Queen nearly bombarded the pack by intending to throw down beercans from her balcony a first Highpoint was a short stop near the Russian orthodox churchbuilding in the 3rd district and a second and most popular Highpoint certainly was a Gühwein Stop at the Belvedere Schloßpark Christmas Market.

But that was not all, folks! Some - many - of us cleverly shortcutted their way back to the end of the run, thereby completely missing the well-intended SECOND Glühwein Stop inside SBM's appartment. I took a few telephone calls to get everybody up to the realm of the huge kettle that must have contained several litres of that beverage.

In the end, circle in the darkness and a not so well meaning local lady who must habe lived nearby basically told us to get lost after 20 minutes. Albeit, no police this time.

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