Thursday, 18 June 2015

No more Doubts

The Moron Brothers set the start of the latest run somewhere in that vast and mysterious area of Favoriten, squeezed into a Busstop waiting area that was surrounded by roadworks. All for your good and benefit, Dear People, The U1 will be elongated all the way to the Therme Wien and Rothneusiedl.

So I thought, well, what are we supposed to do out here where there is not really much green. Little did I know. After take off and a few metres in between the local Gemeindebauten then came the huge Kurpark Oberlaa in combination with the WIG-Gelände (Wiener Internationale Gartenschau). That park had been created in 1974 and comprises lots of different areas, corners and hills and a very interesting Japanese Garden that alas only opens on Wednesdays and Sundays (maybe that's Saturdays instead, I forgot).

There were walkers and runners sections, a few Gasthaus looking inns inside the park still wearing Christmas decorations, after all it's only just six months away and on one of these a most welcome beer stop occured. After this it was on out of the park running by the Musterhauszentrum and further on to that great comparational view of high appartment blocks right next to Schrebergarten looking smallish houses. 

Meanwhile and as usual Mr. Pink, late as always caught up as always. There was no real competition as Free Wille was absent and Tonto plus Flying Dutchman were taking it easy. And then there was the circle, again in the Busstop waiting area. Cardinal Munk, OVH gonged the Circle in as well as he gonged it out after an extra five minutes. Let us not forget that all this happened in the shadow of the Olof Palme Hof and most obviously tennants/appartment owners felt rightfully threatened by the sheer sound of foreign tongues, intermingled by that GONG and within no time there were three cars of the local law enforcement guild with at least 9 or 10 stressed looking poliziotti blocking every way in and out of that damn Busstop and it went like this; "Guten Abend, was machen sie da? Wir wurden verständigt, weil hier geschrieen/gesungen wird und es wird auch HERUMGESCHOSSEN!!" I of all people held a bottle of mineral water in my filthy hands and it was all left to Slush Puppie to take care of biznez which led to such official law enforcement mutterings as "Wenn wir gewusst hätten, dass sie so normal und freundlich sind..., AHA, sie sind gelaufen, und jetzt führen sie sich Elektrolyte zu (sic!) ..., ja, und dann gehen sie jetzt essen gleich round the corner, Backhendl maybe?"

Enough of all this, we are a peaceful flock and the run was enyjovable. Thank you/Dzien Kuje to all involved and partaking.

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