Saturday, 13 June 2015

In the evening

So there was this dilemma that no-one would come forward to set a run - again - which ticked off the GrandMeister a wee little bit ("THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW!") and thankfully enough there is Hash Lash Mind The Gap, a bit bored maybe to come forward again after last weeks Memorial Run for King Gook but? Cobenzl forest way up there (nearly an hours drive from the south of Vienna )is always worth a try so what the heck I though, left home even after 6 p..m., went to a Gasstation on my way and arrived shortly after seven only to find everyone long gone.

Taking in the beauties of the forest behind the Wein - and Landgut Cobenzl all the way to uphill to that checkpoint which leads in seven different ways one could get an intense feeling of contentement about all ends leading together - fair weather, natural beauty and the feeling that everything is being done to trim down that beginning beergut of yours.

It is not THAT bad (yet)

On my way out I met Lord Glod Balls, OVH and Primaballerina who've had it with this trail ("we're walking back, go all the way up and turn right at the HUGE intersection"). Said and done, the way was further and farther uphill until eventually a bend to the left running over a beautful meadow signalled the pendulum's swing. Fair enough, I didn't run too fast with wobbly ankles and everything. But still, given the geriatric overall condition of the better part of VH3 I expectedto catch up at some point. Well, crossing the Höhenstraße and still running downhill all the darn way made me think that Hash Lash must have had tons of time on his hands to lay such a scenic trail. Before hitting the Höhenstraße one had to run alongside a "Wiener Wein Weg" which ended straight in front of the Krapfenwaldbad, from thereon it was even further downhill and eventually back on up all the way. Of course alongside the road for the unintelligent ones like me who lost the trail in the end.

Nonetheless, fine trail and fun was presumably had by all. Pussy Schumi and Justin Beaver shone brightly in the light of their new Vespa motorrollers. Papagalli from nearer Vienna.

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