Thursday, 28 May 2015

More than friends

is not really related to the run last monday way out in Bad Deutsch Altenburg but rather a song title on a 1986 record by Bob James and David Sanborn called Double Vision that I am just listening to. It is relaxing music that makes at least me smile and every Halfmind who is related to the Vindobona Hash should know how important it is to give birth to a smile ever so often over these days.

RootCAnal and her ToyBoy Free Willie set yet another trail not too far from the Slovak Border and I was fortunate enuff to be able to travel down and - find out that the Hares, obviously acting in full good intention started to hand out glorious cool beercans before the run even started. That made some muttering audible such as: "Errr, wot do we do if we run out of beer? Supermarkets are closed and blah blah,," "Well, where's the next gas station?" "Hey, that's a NICE idea, next one is just down the road in Hainburg. If we need any supplements we - those in charge (not me!) go down and get some!" Somehow the necessity never arose, yet at the shortish circle the remaining cans quickly vanished. But Richard Kopf tends to overdo these circles anyway, sometimes way too long for my taste, GONG OR NO GONG!

Pleeze hit gong link left above pic and HIT GONG!

Well, at the run start (LGB: "We're always forced to run up the EFFING hill!!") it appeared that no marks at all were apparent. Meaning that the Hares had dedicated their energy to mainly put flower down at Checkpoints, more or less completely ignoring regular run marks. Fair enough I thought as the Hash Lemming crowd followed one another on straight to a very busy main road (the B9 actually) which required real attention to cross to the other side onto more terrain without more or less any marks.

Signor Ottocento!

The growing bad impression of all this was soon reconciled by tales of some Vindobona V.I.P.'s stag night trip to Kiev ("Well, she wasn't half bad, she received some 500 in whatever currency - perhaps Italian Lira! and so on and so forth"). Passing under the local railway line on our eventual arrival at the local Pizzeria and the nearby Roman Amphtheatre made this run even culturally worthwhile. Getting past a vast field of soy beans (?) right next to the Roman Site and entering a very long stretch trough a rather narrow path in the forest brought the trail back to Bad Deutsch Altenburg where before long everybody found the way home to the circle and subsequent Barbeque. Ah yes, Just Mia seemed to make the Hash Horn sound a little more melodic than, well, both of our regular Hash Hornz.
Thanks to the Hares for effort and Hashpitality.

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