Saturday, 30 June 2018

Slap it!

It is the bass guitar the title of this post is referring to. Septic Yank, best Grand Master that the World's Worst never had the pleasure to be commanded by, also happens to be an accomplished bass player in a music group called the Gang Bang Band or the Old Skool. For years we have prayed him to slap his bass guitar following the likes of Larry Graham, Marcus Miller or Darry Jones. The stereotype we (Cardinal Munk, OVH and I) would always get was "I don't do slapping because McCartney never did". Yet there is a remarkable slapping tune out there.

Fair enough of him and Merry Me to come up with an annual run at the Obere Alte Donau starting off from the end of Fultonstrasse. Walkers and runners trails were provided and three merry Gentlemen from the Worlds Worst were proof that one also can get lost on a walkers trail! Occasionally runners were spotted heading into the opposite direction, and while on the walkers trail, Slush Puppie spotted his origins once again.

Circle was held next to the Alte Donau (where are the pics to prove this, Hash Flashes?) and OnIn at the inevitable Gasthaus Birner, venue of last years Christmas Party.

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