Sunday, 23 October 2016

How the Web was Woven

Well that header has got absolutlely nothing to do with to-days run. A first-time Co Haring duty with 2Bob resulted in Casting Couch, Fallen Angel and Just Dodo with Pooch Lucky all being Co-Hares too. The running area was quickly being indentified with starting off from not-too-far from our house near the Restaurant Oase. Have you ever heard of Schwedenbomben?

Wenn schon Bomben, dann Schwedenbomben!

Those kind of cream filled things surrounded by Chocolate are and have always been a favourite for, well, everybody. It happens to be that the Schwedenbomben production line has been moved to Wiener Neudorf a while ago and you can obtain a pack of 50 "second choice" for 8 Euros which makes them even more popular amongst work colleagues, Hashers and everyone else that you can possibly think of. The run started off with a crowd of 20+ moving past the Schwedenbomben shop all along to Guntramsdorf where the Hares had high hopes to come up with a drink stop at a Sturmstand in the vicinity but alas this time it was doors-shut policy. No explanations were given even though those stalls (Sturm is the non fermented wine) usually stay open until October 26.


At long last it was on back via Neu-Guntramsdorf, the far end of the Figurteich, which has always been the venue for a run with swimming afterwards for the last 15 years and all the way back to the carpark. 

There happened to be a naming of Just Maria, Vet a la bonheur and due to several Harriettes insistence she was named O Sodomia (?).  Any corrections in spelling are most apprectiated.

Naming accomplished!
Tasty on after at the Restaurant Oase.

And, remembering to-days historical significance with this clip:

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