Saturday, 22 October 2016

Drown in Pale Light

Attending Full Moon runs together with my beloved wife is more of an exception than the rule. Nearly six years after the first such run (look up the old Blog Post from 2010) Sex Energy and Casting Couch chose to start a Full Moon run again in Alt-Erlaa, somewhere in Viennas 23rd district.
A favourable conincidence had it that I was invited to help the Hares to lay a few False Trails along the trail which included a few nice stretches alongside the Liesingbach, then passing by the local Chocolate Museum and further onto a few backroads befiore - remember that a Vindobona Full Moon Trail is supposed to be a lil' shorter than a trail on a normal run - getting back near the starting point again.

With starting time approaching there were but five in total (Hares and Hounds) though by quarter past seven (p.m.of course) a merry round of 20 teamed up. Visitor Katoyboy form Bucharest H3 and Pussy Galore bringing along his family were the main human attractions. I was a bit surprised that presumably due to unpaid electricity bills some street lanterns remained unlit, especially around the pastures of green near the Liesingbach. Nothing wrong although to run a stretch in complete darkness.
Eventually St. Norman (OVH) conducted the circle, and, as was to be expected, a long On After again at Mimis Stüberl rounded the evening off.
On Out


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