Sunday, 15 November 2015


Se* Energy and I were fortunate enough to have lived in the city of light for three years fom 1993 - 1996, just before we joined the Vndobona Hash Chapter. We ran with all three of the local Hashes (Paris, Saint Cloud and Fontainebleau), started Hash runs at midnight from underneath the Eiffel Tower, had a Hash relay run from Paris to Fontainebleau that again started from the Eiffeltower at one Sunday 6.a.m. and generally had a wonderful and memorable time with and without the Hash in this fantastic city. If you have never been to Paris then do so whenever you get the chance. It is a chaming and wonderful place.

My heart and thoughts are with the people of Paris and all les Francais. Le savoir vivre and the Hashing spirit - fun, friendship, drinking - will prevail. Terror will not.

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