Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Birds Like it

So here is a report straight from the horses mouth, which is the GREAT Slush Puppie himself. This run took place on Sunday, November the 14th.

Here we go.
"Quote (in my best translative effort)
The meetingplace would have been superb except for the fog. Run through the Maurer Wald, the first checkpoint had already been destroyed by the countless walking dudes, 98 % of those being dog owners, and the first FRBs were doing some extrametres already.
Next scene alongside a vineyard: Richard Kopf is falling, remains unhurt and finds out later on that he must have lost his mobile and reckons that it might fell out during his fall. Tickpleaser suggests that R.Kopf should walk back and call his number with someone elses mobile phone to hear his own one ringing in the grass.
As usual, Ice Queen takes care of business from here onwards, calls the RA's number, after a long while Nedja (lifepartner, Lebensmensch of R.Kopf) answers the phone. Richard Kopf did not take the damn thing with him and left it at home!

Run # 1493

Ice Queen is now having a long chat with Nadja, and chatting seems to have been the principal motive for all participants. Merry Me, Septic Yank, No Mercy Mistress, Boney M, Root C, Lord GB (OVH), all chatters from the "chatting club with a walking problem".
Passing by the Wotruba Kirche, when architectural expert King Ralph point out the missing eaves and the hereby resulting ugliness of the concrete front (typical architect - no master builder).
Then onwards to the Sternengarten and onto the lovely Pappelteich. The songstop was ignored due to the absence of a Songmeister. And then back into the forest. Flying Dutchman is the only one who seems to have a vague idea of where he might find himself and yet he constantly takes the wrong checks, presumably all this takes way too long for him already. King Ralph has lost the group a while ago as he thought that the trail would lead by the signposted Waldschänke which was inapplicable.

After one hour everyone is back at the outside wall of the Lainzer Tiergarten, but near the Gütenbachtor (a bit away from the cars that is). A short extraloop for the FRBs, on down towards the road and then back up the long and steep meadow, W*nkers and Runners are back together again.

Then it is really boring and uninspired by the Hares constantly along the outside wall of the Lainzer Tiergarten, it is nearly dark by now.

In the absence of our famous GrandMeister it is up to the freshly baked GM of Vice to open the circle which obviously hits her completely unexpected. Usual Down Downs thereafter. OnIn at the Designerheurigen Wiltschko within walking distance from the carpark.

Ganslsuppe, Kümmelbraten, Murauer Flaschenbier, and the really young wine (the real Heuriger) was already available. The pack atrracted considerable attention due to clothing (other guests rather sniffish, due to  "assimiliation" to-days Hashers had not been thrown out from these premises.
One more thing : Good luck to  Septic Yank for the upcoming Hip operation.

Thanks to Slush Puppie for this report.
On Out.

That bird with feathers of blue
Is waiting for you
Back in your own backyard

You'll see your castles in Spain
Through your window pane
Back in your own backyard

Oh you can go to the East
Go to the West
Someday you'll come
Weary at heart
Back where you started from

You'll find your happiness lies
Right under your eyes
Back in your own backyard

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