Sunday, 10 January 2010

Turn it on Again

at that biggish Church out at Hafnerberg. Where the frog is Hafnerberg to be found I hear you asking? Iif you are from Niederösterreich you may know that the way to Hafnerberg leads also further down to Mariazell .
And we all know of course that not only the Ötscherbär is to be found in and around Mariazell.
The pleasant drive to the venue through Alland may have lasted a bit but was rewarding when the aforementioned Church came in sight. Some introductory words by the Hares first and then on very much up the nearest hill and into the forest and further up until a Druidenstein named Fuchshofnadel was chosen for a Hashview, nice place indeed.
Further on over a windy field led by King Ralph and on down (and up again) into the snowy forest, having a short chitchat with our dearly beloved Grand Meister himself and then it was another slippery downhill path that made one or two people fall (where has my memory gone?)
Eventually Little Tichard and Tickpleaser, followed by yours truly and King Ralph made it downhill first and when Dr.Kunt with the Great Kuntini came our way my thought was "If that kid can do it the we can do it too" and the carpark ws reached shortly after.
Shortish circle (45 minutes) in the freezing cold. New surroundings, new views. Thanks for all that Jazz.

Mr. Bing Crosby sings a little tune at the end of that wonderful movie called High Society.
On out.

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