Thursday, 17 May 2018

Jolly Bold

A premature Monday evening run occured in early April (how dare you? There were times when the Cardinal, OVH and yours truly fought tooth and claws over those Monday evening starting dates, whether they be one week earlier or later. Well, we were a bit younger then). TwoBob, assisted by Casting Couch welcomed his entire Home Hash Chapter which is the Berkshire Hash (a friendly bunch) to our very own Hash House, the Gösser Bierinsel in the Prater. Master MisterBaitor (or the other way round) was the CoHare of the evening and there must have been an easy crowd of 50+ English Hashers, added by approx 20 members of the World's Worst.

There is not much that one can do wrong with setting trails in the Prater and this run was no exception.  Taking in the first signs of springtime, combined with a huge circle afterwards and darkness setting in still too early, the way to the Hash House afterwards was a short walking convoy.

Drinking and chatting went on until late. So I heard.

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