Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Long Way Home

Eurohash minus 66 days. After the first days of May have passed and I have just returned from a brief visit with some buddies to the local Heurigen of our choice I find if appropriate to summarize a few thoughts about last Sundays run, way out in Langenlois, home town of some very renowned makers of fine wines.

Lopsided Backside having celebrated one of the bigger birthdays did set another one a long way from our home in the south of Vienna (100 kilometres) but what is distance to a dedicated follower of Hash Fashion? No Balls Prize was the Co Hare, the crowd was huge (including long time no C Queenie) and the trail was described as a scenic one with two dwink stops (Beer and Softies) and in no time it was on off.

No false promises were made here as the trail was carefully leading all the way into the green and an abundance of vineyards, soon cameth along the first and not too long after that the second much welcomed drink stop. Even a panoramic platform with a view overlooking the better part of the Kamptal was provided and so it seemed to be appropriate that all were in good mood once the circle started.

A platform with no Hashers, food and drinks were served on a different date here

Wife, 2 kids and yours truly decided in a sly move to evade that circle early in order to get food faster from the nearby OnAfter at the excellent Gasthaus Zwoni. On a different note, I may have been watching that one soccer game too many, but we have proof that at least German Soccer Players have tried to excel in making Hit Singles over the years. Listen for yourself to this remarkable musical example.

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