Sunday, 5 March 2017

From one pole to another

Eurohash minus 124 days.An endearing tradition of the World's worst is without doubt the Blue Moon Hash, held annualy on the preceding evening of Ski Week Start. As far as I can rememtber the run always started from the Volkertplatz (where the once was a real dump in terms of an old-fashioned Gasthaus (now replaced by something looking more modern).

The objective of the "run" (casual walk would be more like it), again as always, was to have couple of drink stops in two local houses of ill repute. (That also brings back memories of stories that an Ozzie Hasher told me in Warsaw 30 years ago about those dirt road Hashes in Southeast Asia). To me at at least the whole thing, being attented by three dozen hounds, was something like three times around the block (down to the Nordbahnstraße) and straight into the first such house that feature purple wallpaper, thick smoke and a few bored-looking females (I assume their real customers arrive much later). Within no time everybody received their much welcome drinks (and some red wine even for some very special ladies) and, to the exaltation of a few special gentlemen (Richard Kopf) a dancer came forward to present her skills on the dancepole. 


All said, done and danced it was on off to the second such house (the Kerstin Bar somewhere in the second district), a place that looked inviting but for some strange reasons all the Harriettes were denied entrance so there was no choice but to leave and look for the next best thing (which was a somehow deflated beerstop in a house of healthy repute - a normal Gasthaus). On back to the starting point and in no time the circle started. Me and S.Energy did not stay long enough to clock the arrival time of the local law enforcement agents, they usually arrive within ten minutes due to loudness level violation complaints. On out.

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