Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Old Red Wine

Eurohash minus 73 days. Today marks the 35th birthday of the Vindobona Hash House Harriers which is quite an achievement (Hashy birthday!). Old Red Wine, well past its prime. May have to finish it after crossing the line. Most of the Ostrich Hashers who run with the World's Worst these days have either not been born or were completely unaware what Hashing or the Hash House Harriers were or meant back then. (What did YOU do in 1982?) The Warsaw Hash which is Se* Energys and my Mother Hash was founded in April of 1983 and we joined their fold during an assignment in Poland in 1988.

Over the years here in Vienna the runs starting from the beloved Grüß Di A Gott Wirt have become a joyful tradition to both mark the start of the monday evening runs and the birthday run of the VH3. For the third time over the last ten years (starting off with the 25th anniversary) the great Vienna Pipes performed their art in the circle, there were fireworks, special runners like Beanman (only active Hasher that did run # 1 in Vindobona, see the very first  Rehash here) and Mindphuck turned up, other survivors from Hashing year #1 here are Lord Glo-Balls, OVH and Cardinal Munk, OVH.  As in every year, the trail led all the way up to the Hermannskogel (highest elevation point in Vienna) where numerous bottles of Sekt and tasty Chocolate cake were had and the inevitable anthem Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho was sung.

A special credit goes to the helping hands MOM and Mind the Gap who assisted Cardinal Munk in carrying the heavy load (lots of Sektbottles with lotsa kilos of Icecubes) up that fateful hill. And, of course, to Stefan, owner of the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt who always sacrifices his and his staffs free evening to be able to celebrate with us. Pics and (hopefully) a video of the Vienna Pipes taking it away will be posted when they are available.

Friday, 21 April 2017


This song is posted for no particular reason apart from this gentleman being my favourite singer from Italy, and this song apparently had been inspired by another renowned musician.

Simple Expression

Eurohash minus 77 days. Eastermonday run in the midst of an amazing fortnight with weather conditions from plus 20 degrees down to a definite snow storm two days ago. These events have become a regular tradition that Ice Queen and Slush Puppie have established over the years and (no exaggeration from my side) these runs are getting constantly better. Starting off from the far side of the Perchtoldsdorfer Heide, the trail was  constantly leading uphill – as usual with Eastereggs hidden at the checkpoints – and by the Parapluiberg Schutzhaus and even further and steeper uphill eventually to top at the Kammersteiner Hütte, crowned by an impressive view of the entire region atop a windy observation tower.  Lots of wood garlic around and the highpoint for those not too fond of Eastereggs was without doubt the Eggnog (Eierlikör) stop. A creamy affair by all means.

The Famous Pimpsqueak and...

his newly acquired bunch of best drinking buddies

Nice circle after a truly well planned run. My compliments to the Hares.

Slush Puppie and Ice Queen


Not a suitable type of tiny bubbles for our 35th birthday run on Monday, let's stick with the Sekt instead.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

What we do here

Eurohash minus 83 days. Bringing back the World's Worst to lovely Siegenfeld after quite some years was a fine task by the Hares Casting Couch and 2Bob and they are herewith given credit by me and all those who love rolling hills, vast forests and the feeling that a nations capital is still a mere 30 kilometres away.

Due to very fair weather parking outside the main place, parking near the Gasthaus Skilitz (starting point) was very hard to find (tho they extended their car parking space by 300 percent since we were there last time) and so Se* Energy and I were late, just a little, and had to do a live start together with the agreeable crowd of more than 30. The trail quickly split into a runners and a walkers part, leading past a remarkable assembly of houses in a tiny place called Rosental. One of the local houses had lots of artsy looking statutes decoratively places in the garden, and when the sluggish Moron brothers will have uploaded the pics from this run we all can peruse a little exhibition.

Example 1

Example 2

Ice Queen was lamenting that she could not pic up enough wood garlic (Lieber hunger ich mit Leerbauch, als ich ess' etwas mit Bärlauch) and Hare Casting Couch asked if I was carrying my telephone with me ( I did) for she was concerned that the walking group got lost. Second Hare 2Bob already left to look for them at the trail's tail end when a call to another Harriette (Se* Energy in fact) revealed that the walkers must have been MUCH FASTER than the rest and were ahead of ze runners.

In the end it was on back to the carpark and the usual circle proceedings. Towards the end of the circle  Chucker F*cker started to whine that JustAnn had been running with our chapter for a year now and she still was not bestowed a Hash Name (SO? The time is right when the time is right!) and in a move that surprised us all he bent his knee and proposed to JustAnn ("So here is to Mrs. F*cker!).


On After at the nearby Gasthaus where they waiters seemed to have already had a stressful day ("So you made a reservation in the garden? Tough, you see that all of our 6 tables in the garden that would easily hold 150 are taken. Go inside"!)

We as a mini group of four grabbed the one empty table at hand and within half an hour most Hashers were sitting outside after their lunchtime guests had left. There is plenty of room to improve here, dear Gasthaus staff! Memories from past visits are certainly fond.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Eurohash minus 86 days. Last week saw the aforementioned Steiermarkdorf at the Rathausplatz in Vienna city centre and as usual, loyal followers of this event were met and a few of them pictured for posterity.  Outside conditions were wet and a little windy. A real "Herzenssteirer" cannot but neglect the bad weather (for there is only the wrong clothing) and fill his heart again with joy, year after year.

A local cardinal im Zirbenbett (look that term up)

Warmup Workout while wanting White Wine

 A local tradition are the Ratschen.(Easter ratchets). One such "Ratschenbauer" always makes his way up the capital of Ostrichland to dipslay his artful products (as seen below). 

The Ratschenbauer

Meanwhile there was a smallish Food Festival festuring Lower Austrian Products taking place not too far from the Steiermarkdorf. Does that sign look like they were encouraging their visitors to become waste divers?

 A nearby "Genussfest", hopefully not straight out from the Garbage Container

Eventually, our local Cardinal had to spend a few days in hospital to get treatment for, well, whatever. To speed up his recovery, a well known nurse swung by and he was given an injection with what looks like pure love to me.

He has to admit it's getting better!

Where is the Hash Context? Due to miserable weather the TGIF crowd whimped out from their original intention to sample some great white wine from Styria and convened (presumably whining) at a nearby Irish Pub on Friday evening.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Urban Jazz

Apart from the nearing Eurohash in three months and the changing seasons (into springtime that is), tomorrow will see the opening of an event that lasts but four days every year and in the evenings is literally taken by storm by the Vindobonians (not just the Hashers). I am talking about the Steiermarkdorf, a four day extravaganza that was started in 1996 and as far as I am aware is the most cleverly made presentation of one Austrian province for another one.

This festival includes touristic as well as wine and dine specialities, you can have your own Lebkuchenherzen made and as much as the Schweizerhaus opening it symbolizes a bit the transition from winter (?) into spring. Mentioning the Steiermark, what has become of the Graz Hash? Reminiscing about all those runs that I have taken part within Vienna, areas like the Cobenzl, the Leopoldsberg and the Kahlenberg (infamous V4+1 run in 1997, 5 hours long!), the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt as well as all those Ski Week Solidarity runs either in the quarters around the Karlsplatz or near the Votivkitche, the Donaupark as much as the wonderful Lobau area and the Prater with our very own Hash House the Gösser Bierinsel gives the World's Worst a wealth of opportunities to choose locations from. And these are just places within the Vienna city limits. What I am trying to say is: If you have booked to come to Eurohash in July you will get your money's worth. Vindobona and its surroundings are fantastic places to run and party. 

Es wird ein Wein sein!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

No big mysteries

Eurohash minus 94 days. Spring has arrived in full splendour and it certainly is most lovely to be able to wear shorts and shades again. The Eastermarkets in the city centre have opened up their stalls again (allowing one for the occasional dwink) and last Sundays run was O Sodomia's out in Eichgraben, somewhere west of Vindobona.

Following a road called the Dreiwasserstraße there was a tiny car park literally just coming out of a raulway underpass and a few of us squeezed their automobiles next to one another, well I confess, I wanted to block at least two spaces with our Hashmobile when Slush Puppie asked me kindly to park the car "orschlings" (look that term up if you can find it) so others could park next to us.

I assume that the Hare lives out there somewhere, given that she really seemed to know what she was doing directionwise ;-)  One was pleasanltly surprised to run along a coherent trail where  the general direction was a steady one uphill (and, of course, back downhill again towards the end). With the usual suspects Tonto, Justin Beaver, Pussy Schumi, Tickpleaser, Free Willie and FRBimbo Casting Couch there was no chance to shine as a Front Runner (no competition here), the thing I really enjoyed was the pleasant forest area, even with the adjacent motorway A1. With the first line and the double line after checkpoints often being several hundred metres apart (no kidding here) there was nothing left but to run and earn the beer after the run. Talking about which, the way back to the cars was leading through the short railway underpass again when THUMP a sound of bad car parking  could be heard.

THUMP at the end of the tunnel

What had happened? MOM, as well as a few others wanted to park his vehicle nearer to all the other ones, yet when he easily found a place to park he obviously missed the sight of Joysticks mobile behind his own one and the result was THUMP and the noise was much louder than the scratch that this minor collision caused.   And yes, there were some snivelers who whined about the ticks they brought home after the event.

Reconnaisance of trails for the Eurohash is underway, as I could tell from a special Down Down that had been awared to all those we were out in the fields already. The route that our group of four had reccied the day before the run looks promising, more about that in one of the next postings.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Beers to you

Eurohash minus 110 days. This post is dedicated to a couple of legendary Schweizerhaus alumni, namely Minuteman (went back to Tennesse) and Se* o Phone (now lives in Brisbane) Before we knew it March 15 was here again. Since the first 10 weeks of 2017 have been a complex time for various reasons the small group of the true stalwarts (which are bascially Cardinal Munk, OVH and myself) were much looking forward to the first warm-up beers at the Englische Reiter before the gates to Beer Elysium of the day were finally opened at 11 a.m.

Time always flies in the company of a beery group, this time consisting of MOM (always there), Dodgy Condom, NoBalls Prize and St.Norman (OVH). Instead of trying to describe a Happy Drinking Day with friends and always making new ones, here are some pics from the day.

We're trying to call up Se* o Phone in Brisbane, okay?

Gary Indiana!

The Tower of Babel

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Listening with me

Eurohash minus 117 days. Another year, another Ski Week Solidarity Run. Last year CoHare Cardinal Munk, OVH and I started the trail from the Karlskirche so this time we started from the alternating location which is the Votivkirche. Since we the Hares start to feel our age a bit we decided (but you must not know!) to move the head start forward to 18:30 in order to allow for a slow walk through the neighbourhood. The inside of the Alte AKH (Innenhöfe, now a Vienna University Campus), where they have their annual Christmas Market, the Stieglambulanz and the Bierheurigen Gangl as well as quite a few other shops  is always a pleasure to run through.

Getting out of the Altes AKH and onto the Lazarettgasse is getting one onto the vast area of the Allgemeine Krankenhaus, a labyrinth for me and an amazing place in the evening hours, with spots tastefully painting patterns of light on the walls of old and sometimes unused old pavillons (which resemble those in Lainz tremendously). Another three corners and getting by the Vienna Rathaus (with that strange attratction called the Wiener Eistraum still up and running) and it was on back to where we started from. A mere five minutes after CoHare Cardinal Munk, OVH and I sat down to enjoy our soft drinks the runners already arrived, namely Mind the Gap, Casting Couch and Slush Puppie. (Followed by more Ski Week Solidarity Stalwarts Lord Glo-Balls - OVH, Lucky Me, Root CAnal, Chucker F*ucker and Just Anne).

Fancy looking Shirts were being sold, roses for the Harriettes were handed out and after a short circle the evening was concluded at the Stiegl Ambulanz. Thanks to all attendees for keeping this tradition up and running.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

From one pole to another

Eurohash minus 124 days.An endearing tradition of the World's worst is without doubt the Blue Moon Hash, held annualy on the preceding evening of Ski Week Start. As far as I can rememtber the run always started from the Volkertplatz (where the once was a real dump in terms of an old-fashioned Gasthaus (now replaced by something looking more modern).

The objective of the "run" (casual walk would be more like it), again as always, was to have couple of drink stops in two local houses of ill repute. (That also brings back memories of stories that an Ozzie Hasher told me in Warsaw 30 years ago about those dirt road Hashes in Southeast Asia). To me at at least the whole thing, being attented by three dozen hounds, was something like three times around the block (down to the Nordbahnstraße) and straight into the first such house that feature purple wallpaper, thick smoke and a few bored-looking females (I assume their real customers arrive much later). Within no time everybody received their much welcome drinks (and some red wine even for some very special ladies) and, to the exaltation of a few special gentlemen (Richard Kopf) a dancer came forward to present her skills on the dancepole. 


All said, done and danced it was on off to the second such house (the Kerstin Bar somewhere in the second district), a place that looked inviting but for some strange reasons all the Harriettes were denied entrance so there was no choice but to leave and look for the next best thing (which was a somehow deflated beerstop in a house of healthy repute - a normal Gasthaus). On back to the starting point and in no time the circle started. Me and S.Energy did not stay long enough to clock the arrival time of the local law enforcement agents, they usually arrive within ten minutes due to loudness level violation complaints. On out.

Monday, 27 February 2017

You got to walk that lonesome Valley

Eurohash minus 131 days. Reminiscing about runs in the past up on the Gießhübl I hold fond memories about the Millenium Bug run way back in 1999 (you can still find the old writeup somewhere -> none of us are getting any younger -< ) and another run from January 2005 where the unforgettable Minute Man presented me with special souvenirs from one of his trips to Japan and a visit to one of those 100 Yen Stores. (Explaining pic to follow).

CoHare TwoBob and yours truly set out with no real concept apart from vague memories of that run in late 1999. The Snow and cold have thankfully retreated (just the wind felt a bit chilly) and a very nice group of 30 hounds found their way up to the carpark where even Richard Kopf gave in and paid the obligatory fee of 4 Euros for 6 hours of parking. Speaking of free parking (being of Scottish origin Richard Kopf sent me a text message trying to avoid the payment), the free parking outside absentee Tickpleasers house a a bit further down the hill was that little bit too far away to use.

With returnees Scarlett Pimpernell, The Famous Pimpsqueal and Double Oh Seven (GREAT Chinese army coat!) amongst the fold it was on down the hill for a bit (with some passing through the thick underwood) until there was a drinkstop (pure water only) at the Schneerosenbründl, lovely place.

Kann Ihm jemand das Wasser reichen? / Can someone hold a candle to My Pint?

Further on and after a check for quite a while uphill, a path that made Fallen Angel grouch we reached the Höhenstraße again (the main path through the forest is called just like that remarkable road within Viennese city limits which leads to the Grüß-Di-A-Gott Wirt) the last part of trail led by a huge local stone pit and eventually up a glorious hill with magnificent views and a compulsory Song Stop, with a rousing renditon of The Good Ship Venus. On After at the nearby Bärenhütte Gasthaus, a place to be recommended.

A bench in the park!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

This is what we're here for

I just learned that Al Jarreau has passed. RIP and thanks for the music. This song covers some of the core and the deepest meaning. This is what life is all about.

Mystic Voyage

Eurohash minus 145 days. Another bit of Ostrich history, preceded by an important day of Hash History to remember. The Ostrich historic occurence happened just four years before the Mother Hash got started in KL in 1938. Looking up an old blogpost from 2010 shows a reused location that probably no-one remembers anymore. Except for the main Hare Casting Couch (with CoHare TwoBob) and yours truly, that is. Nothing had changed over the past seven years in the mystic village of Hafnerberg (and why, anyway?) apart for a bit milder temperatures (-1 degree Celsius) and a little less snow. Lots of lovely blank ice made up for that in plenty and made Richard Kopf ("I got lost and found an alternative fact - I mean way - back to the carpark!") and Nail Me turn round and avoid lots of slip sliding away. You're realizing that you're no further away from the city centre of Vienna than some 40 or 50 kilometres and you're coming across these godforsaken places, even a Rin Tin Tin impersonation came along out of nowhere, a lovely long haired dog accompanied the Hounds, especially O Sodomia and her doggie for a bit. The only thing I was missing were the tumbling tumbleweeds.

Tumbling along with the tumbling Tumbleweeds

At first it was downhill for an icy bit, then further on a longish flat way through depressive-looking winterland and then a long way on uphill again (Weitwanderweg to Hafnerberg) and towards the end downhill again alongside the stations of the cross back to the cars (I only slid out thrice close to the carpark). A pleasant not-too-long circle in the cold, featuring returnees the Famous Pimpsqeuak and Scarlett Pimpernell concuded the proceedings. All the best from this point to our great and glorious Grand Meister who had to undergo urgent medical treatment. And lastly, greetings to our friends from the Zagreb Hash who held their annual winter weekend over the last three days.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Six Cold Feet of Ground

Eurohash minus 159 days. Outside temperature minus 8 degrees Celsius, the longest uninterrupted cold period in Vienna in 30 years they said. The thing here in Vindobona very often in winter is weeks and weeks of high fog hanging in the air, which freezes anything on the ground and the classic inversion weather presumbaly makes skiing up the hills a pleasure. But I am not a skier. This is probably why I came up the Ski Week Solidarity Hash all those years ago. Lonesome Cowboy (another old faithful) invented the term "Solidarity run" and Mind the Gap crafted those golden words that "it ain't fair to be excluded from a run just 'cos you ain't gone skiing". The next edition of the Ski Week Solidarity run will take place on 8th of March. Be there and abstain from the Ski Week. Just this one time (of course I am just kdding here :-) .

Speaking of Mind the Gap, as a Hash Lash with time on his hands and no-one willing and able to set a run he revisited a popular location again which is the Strebersdorfer Friedhof behind the Bisamberg, with lots of Heurigens and lovely Kellergassen. Whenever there is a run out there I envision this must be how Vindobona might have looked like, in the so called old days. Just 14 brave ones made their way and after the usual short pre-run explanations it was off up the hill and into the vineyards. Up the Senderstraße passing by the Hash carpark where Richard Kopf ran his automobile over the Hashshit Trophy the Se* Energy and I gloriously had stolen from the Paris Hash (all this happened a long long time ago) it was on to cobblestone and lots of ice. I took the very slippy way downhill easy and enjoyed a nice chat with Slush Puppie. Cardinal Munk, OVH met his old partner from his so-called "Eat and Run club" by sheer coincidence and thankfully the circle lasted shorter than usual. No whimps here, yet it was really chilly.

Today marks an important date in Austrian History if you're interested in these things. Kisspeptin had also been on the news radar recently, then there was this mention about high tech toilets in the Far East, and a hermitage somewhere in Salzburg looking for a new tennant.

All this happened after a month that saw several passings, various illnesses, the usual silly amount of workload and the initially mentioned bad weather. But at least they're having a Heatwave down under, n'est pas, Se*-o-Phone and Mindphuck?

Learn to do the strut

January Cold. Huge pots of steaming and tasty Chili. Schnaps (Kirschwasser) during the run. What seems to have become a tradition up at the Tirolerhof over the last years in early January had been carried out again. 200 vertical metres in the southern area of Vienna make all the difference and so sufficient snow was ensured on the run, in stark contrast to several mudbaths in previous years. The main aim was to get to the promised Schnapsstop and down the hill again without slding out, I was carrying an upcoming flu infection with me that grounded me for the better part of the following week. But kudos to the generous hosts for allowing a seemingly chaotic supper to happen every year. Have I mentioned the tasty Chili?

Those pots of Chili smelled a lot better

Nicer doggies(?) or trendier jumper?

Sunday, 8 January 2017

We shall go on to the end

Eurohash minus 180 days. (I shall try to start all blog posts leading up to that event with a countdown.)
So this is the last evening of the Christmas Holidays (I hope yours was a real good one) and tomorrow it is back to le grind. On Epiphany 15 years ago and following an idea by my beloved wife we started a Non-Hash walk on January 6 each year. In the south of Vienna where we live we are fortunate enough to have plenty of forest paths, hills (the Anninger being the highest with a bit more than 670 metres high) and and an abundance of Heurigens to rest our weary bones after some hours of introspective walking.

20 stalwarts (including 6 kids) did not mind neither the clime of -6 degrees nor the wind, starting from Pfaffstätten we made our way uphill through the vineyards and steadily further uphill. I wanted to visit the Gumpoldskirchner Veiglhütte, unfortunately this establishment was still in hibernation.  The following way uphill to the Annninger Schutzhaus was a comfortable one and Lady Luck smiled on us when there was a whole room with more than enough seats waiting for us. Perfect service, good food and drinks and one decent walk back downhill through the Siebenbrunnengraben brought us  back into Pfaffstätten before Darkness was setting in. Spontaneous On After at the very old-fashioned Heurigen Schwarz.

Look up the chapter about this Hash Chapters active social life (Eurohash/News/Who are Vindobona H3?) Come along and be part of it.

Vindobona Hashers on a Non Hash Tour

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Prosit Neujahr

I sure liked todays New Years Day Concert by the Wiener Philharmoniker, traditionally watching from home with a glass of sparkling wine in my hand. Having said that, many Ostriches are fond of skiing. I do not belong to them. Music is certainly more up my sleeve. For a very long time now I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch and listen to the Wiener Philharmoniker with subscriptions that include 10 concerts annually, standing room for a single ticket price that equals a pint of Guinness in nearby Flanagans Irish Pub. Standing room ticket means standing for up to two hours in a crowded surrounding. But, I am talking about sometimes exceptional performances.  Classical music is not really your cup of tea I hear you say? The very first piece I heard live way back in 2003 featured electric bass and congas. It all comes together. There should be no clichés. Either it sounds good or it sounds bad to your ears, no matter what the labelling says.

Can we pull this off?

But that is not the main topic of this post. Again, while awaiting the official Moronic (they have duly arrived now) pics from yesterdays Red Dress run (?) with some 20 partakers amongst the 4500 official runners at the LCC Silversterlauf the old Hash routine of "cling yourself to the climbing rope and pretend to run even if you can't" applied again, with the same embarrasing result as during the last 5 or 6 years. Meaning that an unfortunate few that included yours truly, Barefoot (lots of sarcastic wit during the run) and Primadonna tried to pull the rope with the pack as hard as we could in the forward direction with Richard Kopf (and a few more) being the main culprit who put in all his weight as Religious Advisor to pull against us. This must have looked quite funny for bystanders as we were a) outpaced by stout-looking females with their walking sticks and b) we had to try VERY HARD to overtake baby prams with their parents in comfortable walking pace. And all this accompanied by constant RA requests like "NOT SO FAST" HOLD IT", would we have done so the red caravan would have come to a standstill. Ice Queen, Slush Puppie and The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH jumped ship and ran off on their own. My strong plea herewith is to devise a new system for the next Red Dress Run!


Things got much brighter eventually when we lost Richard Kopf/he lost the grip to the rope nearby Urania and we were free to entertain a light jogging speed towards the finish line. Circle outside Flanagans with tasty Bloody Marys courtesy of Cardinal Munk, OVH and OnIn inside at the Post Office. Visitors from Ireland and Newbies Just Flora and Just Florian from Vienna. Warm feeling as ever.

But, even hogs have their bad days, and, a fellow living in Tyrol invented a system to produce artificial snow coming out of your garden hose. And lastly, does Alcohol kill our brain cells?